The Two Biggest Neighborhoods of the Oldest City: “The South” and “The Shores”

Straddling either side of Moultrie Creek, the two largest neighborhoods in St. Augustine sit on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), running south from Flagler Hospital nearly all the way to 206. Here’s a quick look at both.

St. Augustine South is one of St. Augustine’s largest communities. Located between Flagler Hospital and Moultrie Creek, and fronting the Intracoastal on St. Augustine’s south side, “The South” as it’s commonly called, has one of the most diverse sections of homes you will find in St. Augustine. While there are homes here that actually date from the 1920s, building in The South didn’t really began in earnest until the 1980s. You will see numerous styles of architecture, ranging from eclectic 80s creations all the way up to the newest high-end construction. The South is wrapped by a waterfront park that fronts the ICW and includes boat ramps, kayak launches, and trails … most of this is within easy walking distance of any home in the community. The lots tend to run a bit larger here than you will find in the rest of St. Augustine, and there is abundant tree cover. There is no homeowner’s association, there are no condos, and there are no additional subdivisions within in St. Augustine South.

St. Augustine Shores is one of St. Augustine’s largest communities. Located on St. Augustine’s south side,”The Shores” as it’s commonly called, stretches from Moultrie Creek on the north, south all the way to the Tuscany section at Rohrs Road where the community connects with the Moses Creek Conservation Area. The Shores has numerous styles of architecture ranging from 70s prefab modulars all the way up to the newest high-end construction. Portions of The Shores sit on the Intracoastal, and a pier on the ICW is open to all residents. The Shores also has a public golf club, several condominium communities (Conquistador, The Greens, Fairview, and Bella Vista), RV and boat parking for residents, and a club and pool which residents are not required to join. Below you will find homes currently listed for sale in The Shores, as well as some smaller communities that abut directly to The Shores (Captain’s Point, Turtle Crossing, Villages of Valencia, and Vaill Point among them).