Big Big Yards in St. Augustine!

In case you’ve got any illusions about finding “an acre at the beach” and you don’t have Warren Buffett’s bank account, you’re going to be sorely disappointed with St. Augustine’s suburban neighborhoods.  In fact, a big yard here is generally considered anything above a quarter acre. That being said, here is a list of mainland neighborhoods that are known for their typically larger-than-average yards. If you’re looking for the largest suburban yards, Prairie Creek and Oakbrook are a good place to start. Some neighborhoods, like Coronado and Sea Pines, have big big lots, but only on one side of the subdivision (usually on the preserve side). And if you’re looking for more affordability we’ve also included some of the more rural tracts like Flagler Estates. Lastly, every single neighborhood in St. Augustine’ s environs has at least one “oversized” lot. Typically they are on cul-de-sacs or in those odd places where a developer just couldn’t squeeze out another parcel. As Realtors we know were a lot of these are just from years in the business. Use the handy dandy contact form on this page to get in touch with us, and we’ll find you some of these “jailbreak” lots! Now have fun searching!