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With 2 dedicated buyer’s agents, we strive every day to truly care and give you an unforgettable real estate experience. We might not be the biggest or most well known agency in St. Augustine, but we are the most loved by our buyers and sellers. If you want the level of communication on your home purchase that is shown in the video below, contact Broker Sean Hess at 904-386-8327 or Sean.Hess.Brk@gmail.com . Or if you’d prefer, we’ll contact you (just use the handy form below!)

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Core Services

  • What Others Say

    We strive every day to truly care and give you an unforgettable real estate experience. Simply put, our services are crafted with love. Our customers say so many nice things about us, just scroll down to see what our buyers actually wrote and said 🙂

  • I Have NO Clue!

    I’m looking at these websites and I have NO clue what I’m looking at! Are they for sale, are they not for sale, and what is this Zillow thing? Don’t worry: We can make sense of it for you. We’ll find you that perfect home or condo, at the beach or in the suburbs, and we won’t leave any cul-de-sac unexplored!

  • We Are Reliable

    We are reliable, we are organized, we are accessible, and we communicate well. If you send us a question via email or leave a phone message, we will return it, and promptly.

  • Don’t Leave It Up to The Internet

    We are passionate, focused and creative. We have a fire blazing in our bellies all day, every day. Don’t pick some random agent off the internet: Our customers trust us, you can trust us too. We promise to get you the best deal possible and make it a pleasure along the way!

Sean Hess is genuine and passionate about his work that is evidenced in how he conducts himself. Buying and selling property is a big deal to most people and Sean Hess understands this very well. We bought our property purely due to Sean’s perseverance.”

Sean & Kirstin M.Buyer, 7 Aviles StreetClick here to read the actual testimonial

“Thank you Jennifer for your hard work and patience for helping make our dreams come true! The American dream.”

Judi K.Buyer, 2400 Kacie LaneClick here to read the actual testimonial.

“Teach every other Realtor to be as honest, dedicated, and passionate as Capt. Mike Fitzpatrick. Capt. Mike has gone above and beyond of what is expected from a Realtor and that money or recommendations can’t buy! I will always tell anyone I know to call Capt. Mike because he will help them find the perfect home!”

Pasquale S.Buyer, 708 Waterlilly WayClick here to read the actual testimonial.

“I could not be more pleased with SA Realty, especially Sean Hess in helping myself and my wife find our new dream home in this lovely town. I cannot thank your organization enough for the knowledge, diligence in keeping us on the right track from conception to closing. If you’re reading this and have any doubts, don’t they are top notch and will help you with your buying and selling needs.”

Brian J.Buyer, 465 Balearics DriveClick here to see the actual testimonial.

“Thank you very, very much, you did such a great job for us. You have truly earned my admiration and respect for your hard work and dedication to making this deal happen, best of all, I now have a great friend for life. Thank you, Jenn.”

Chris C.Buyer, 2400 Kacie LaneClick here to see the actual testimonial.

“We are officially homeowners!!!! Thank you Sean Hess for being an amazing realtor.”

Ashley H. & Justin F.Buyers, 114 Andora StreetClick here to read the actual testimonial.

Our Specialization

We Love What We Do
We Go The Extra Mile
We Care About Finding a Perfect Home As Much As You Do

What people who have worked with us have to say

“Being an agent myself in another state may made your job a little harder for you guys as I had many questions for you. Sean answered all my questions and I greatly appreciate it! You were always friendly, patient, and professional. Thank you for an easy transaction. I’m sure we will enjoy our condo in St. Augustine for years to come!”

Lori M.31205 Harbour Vista CircleActual review.

“Thank you Sean for the quick sale of my Mom’s house. I appreciated your professionalism during the whole listing and selling process and always keeping me updated, even when you were on vacation :-). You made it all so easy guiding me along the way. I couldn’t have chosen a better Realtor.” Click here to see the actual testimonial.

Beverly R.8330 Calento StreetActual review.