Neighborhoods of the St. Augustine Uptown Historic District

If want a really wonderful walk some evening, try Uptown, the area north of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and the St. Augustine Visitor’s Center. Uptown has no formal borders, but for our purposes it will end in the Nelmar Terrace section of May Street. The Abbot Tract, one of the most beautiful walking neighborhoods of St. Augustine, is where you want to start your stroll, just walk out of the Ripley’s back parking lot and start wandering north. There are some other, lesser known, neighborhoods in this area as well, both east and west of San Marco Avenue: These are some of the oldest platted subdivisions in the “modern” era of St. Augustine (Rhode Addtion, Williams Addition, Nelmar Terrace, Garnett Addition, Kingsland Addition, and Cherry Subdivision). Have fun searching these wonderful neighborhoods!