St. Augustine Neighborhoods by School

Are you hunting for a home in that certain school district? Well you are in luck! St. Johns County has had the highest rated public schools in the state of Florida for (at least) the last five years running. Any school your child attends should be a great school. If you’ve got your mind set on a particular district, we’ve included some great neighborhoods in each of the districts around St. Augustine. Our criteria? Since younger students generally need a place to run, we’ve tried to include neighborhoods where even if the homes don’t have large yards (or in the case of condos, no yards at all), there are huge public or community spaces where they can get out and run. We’ve also factored in affordability, because let’s face it, if school is any part of your budget, you have less money to spend. Lastly, there are the neighborhoods that everyone wants to live in (some of the Beach neighborhoods and Historic District neighborhoods, for example), which we’ve included regardless of affordability. You can find Elementary at the top, Middle Schools (where else) in the middle, and High Schools at the bottom of the page. One quick disclaimer: There are literally hundreds of neighborhoods in St. Augustine, and we couldn’t include everyone here. Also, school district info comes from the county public schools website, and while reliable is not guaranteed (always verify before making an offer). If you need help, there’s a handy dandy contact form on this page. Just get in touch and we’ll do the work for you!

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

What school am I zoned to attend? The St. Johns County School System has a handy page where you can plug in an address and see what school you are zoned to attend. You can also see maps of all the various school districts. Press the button below and you will be taken there faster than you can say “clean those erasers!”