• Treating your home like the treasure that it is.

SA Realty

$57 Million in Sales

Do you long for an agency that treats your home like the treasure it is? In the same way that Tiffany & Co. utilizes ordinary gems to create extraordinary pieces, we take ordinary homes and present them in an extraordinary way. Call it artisanal real estate, if you like.

Our roster is currently capped at six agents plus the broker in order to consistently deliver this level of quality and craftsmanship. The broker ensures reliability, consistency, and peace of mind for each of our clients and customers.

We never charge a transaction fee, ever.

SA REALTY is located at 413 Gianna Way in St. Augustine, Florida. Our hours are Monday thru Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please note that we are typically in the field during normal business hours and not at our office location. To schedule an office appointment contact Sean Hess, Broker, at 904-386-8327 (text/call) or via email at Sean.Hess.Brk@gmail.com . You may also schedule an office appointment with any of our agents directly at the numbers and email addresses below. Our license number is CQ1051273.

  • Not the biggest agency, simply the most loved

    We strive every day to truly care and give you an unforgettable real estate experience. As one of our past customers wrote, “I have found that the personal caring service of a smaller specialized firm as SA Realty is the right way to go. [The] client’s needs are primary.”

  • We Are Reliable

    We are reliable, and we will reliably make your home look beautiful on the internet, which will lead to a faster sale. A faster sale means more money in your pocket.

  • We Communicate

    We are organized, accessible, and we communicate well. If you send us a question via email or leave us a phone message, we will return it, and promptly.

  • We Are Accountable and Experienced

    We are accountable: Since we are Broker-owned we can solve your problem faster. We are experienced: Our Broker has 16 years real estate experience (the industry average is three years). This experience will lead to a better negotiation, and more money in your pocket.

  • We Are Low Risk

    For sellers we offer a 60-to-90 day listing agreement, which means lower risk. You don’t want to wait six months to sell your home or condo, and we don’t either.

Meet the Team

We are a St. Augustine Team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make you happy.

Sean Hess

Sean Hess

Owner, Broker, and Author

Genuine and Passionate. Reliable, Organized, Accountable, and Experienced. I can solve your problem fast, give you more house, and put more money in your pocket. Call or text (904) 386-8327, Email Sean.Hess.Brk@gmail.com , click image above to Meet Sean Hess.

Randy & Melanie Clay

Randy & Melanie Clay

Husband & Wife Team

If you are looking for a home, land or commercial real estate, we are eager to help you find exactly what you want. We have years of real estate buying, selling and investing experience! Melanie: 904-806-6267 and Melanie2529@gmail.com
Randy: 918-625-2529 and Randy2529@gmail.com