Sean Hess

“Hi, I’m Sean Hess. Since 2004 I’ve donated a portion of my gross commission from every personal sale to a charity or other good cause. As the Broker of SA Realty, I’ve continued the tradition. As the broker I believe it’s important to support the community and people in need. I hope you realize that doing business with us helps the health, safety and quality of our community and our world at no cost to you. I also hope that you’ll do business with myself and my company, and refer business to us, because we give back. Below are the most recent five donations. I also plant something green or donate to a tree planting organization with every sale.”

Sean HessBroker and Managing Partner
Property SoldDonation AmountOrganization
564 Aventurnine Avenue$500Ancient City Soccer, scholarships for players
545 WIllow Walk Place$450St. Anastasia Catholic Church, choir and building fund (owner a parishioner).
7 Aviles Street$600Split Donation: $100 Capital United Way Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge Flooding); $125 St. Augustine Historical Research Library; $125 St. Francis House Homeless Shelter, St. Augustine; $250 St. Johns Riverkeeper
1452 Makarios Drive$406Split donation: Food For The Poor & Medical Mission Sisters