Why You Should Choose St. Augustine Team

We Might Not Be the Biggest or Most Well Known Agency,

But We Are the Most Loved.


Are you creative, passionate, and entrepreneurial agent? Are you one of those James Bond-types in your ability to solve problems with ingenuity and a bit of panache (and still make everyone feel like they weren’t shaken or stirred)? Well then, we like you already. And maybe there’s a spot for you on our team. Because for us, this business is not about selling the most homes or condos — it’s about people — the ones who work for us, who buy and sell with us, and who move to our beautiful neighborhoods here in St. Augustine.

Yeah, you’ve heard that all before. And there’s also a Nigerian prince who desperately wants to wire you money. But we really mean it … just look at the reviews from people who have done business with us on our Testimonials page. You only get that kind of love from neighbors that you really connect with.  Oh, and one more thing: We don’t care what you look like, or who you choose to love. All we care about is whether you can extend genuine, heartfelt care, comfort and delight to our customers.

Requirements? You need to be a licensed real estate agent in the state of Florida. You have to have a commitment to reliability, communication, and craftsmanship. You have to be organized, accessible, and accountable. You have to have a resume that shows your experience, but don’t worry, we highly value experience in other disciplines. You can’t ever have declared bankruptcy or been foreclosed on; we’re dealing with large financial transactions and we need agents with sound finances and financial judgment. We cap our roster at six agents plus the Broker to ensure this level of quality. Do you have what it takes?

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