• Terrace view of the Cathedral.

    The Historic District is Zero Blocks Away (You live there!!!)
  • Two stories, lots of history, no pun intended.

    Locals rave about living in St. Augustine's Historic District
  • 7 Aviles at night.

    Watch the tourists and locals alike as they stroll by on warm summer evenings
  • Live and walk to work here. Your car won’t be a burden.

    Locals rave about living in St. Augustine's Historic District
  • A popular location day or night.

    On warm summer evenings, when the day is done, watch the tourists and locals alike as they stroll by
  • The front parlor, the home’s true blank canvas.

  • An open space to work. How will you transform this space?

  • Terrace entrance from the front parlor. Imagine the possibilities.

  • Living area in the rear: Quiet, comfortable.

  • A coquina fireplace. Classic St. Augustine.

  • How can you envision this space?

  • The fifties kitchen, so quaint, so cute. Where could you go with this?

    Cute and Tidy: How will you reimagine this space?
  • Front bedroom with terrace entry.

  • Rear bedroom with view of Cathedral.

  • One of 2 upstairs bathrooms.

  • Outside parking: Your car won’t be a burden here. Exit to lightly traveled Charlotte Street.

  • Inside parking: Big doors roll up for big vehicles.

  • Peeking at the rear courtyard from your Charlotte Street exit.

  • Rear patio by day.

    7 Aviles Street St. Augustine Upper Terrace Patio
  • Exterior rear patio at night.

    Patio and Privacy in the Heart of the Historic District
  • Looking north up Aviles Street at twilight.

    Lovely, romantic, all yours
  • Looking south from 7 Aviles Street at twilight.

    Lovely, romantic, all yours
  • Twilight and starlight make for a romantic location.

    Warm summer evenings watching the tourists and locals stroll by
  • A terrace view of the Cathedral in the evening.

    Locals rave about the views here
  • The terrace: watch the comings and goings down brick-lined Aviles Street!

    Locals rave about the views here
  • Flowers cascade down from your upper terrace.

    Locals rave about living in St. Augustine's Historic District
  • Watch all the comings and goings of tourists and locals alike as they stroll the brick streets.

    Views to keep you inspired for days from the front terrace patio
  • Watch all the comings and goings of tourists and locals alike as they stroll the brick streets.

    Views to keep you inspired for days from the front terrace patio

Video & Location

This lovely home is sold. But I just know that if I have Sean in my corner I’ll find the next one before anyone else!t this home!

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7 Aviles Street

Under Contract in 9 days, and closed in under 50 days from time of listing … the seller was impressed (click here to read her actual testimonial praising Realtor Sean Hess)!

… and so was the buyer! Click here to read the buyer’s testimonial praising Sean Hess.

Meet Sean Hess.

The Original Historic District Home: The Oldest Block on the Oldest Street in the Oldest City! When the English landed in Jamestown, this location on Aviles Street was already undergoing urban renewal. Can you transform this space and breathe fresh air into a location that’s nearly 450 years (the structure is a mere 140 years old, dating from the 1880s) young? Originally the city’s one-story jail, this structure has been added to over the years, with a second story created and then expanded. And lucky you! Hang out on your 2nd story terrace and watch the comings and goings of tourists and locals alike as they stroll brick-lined Aviles Street. Or make a quick escape to your two rear patios (one screened, one open, both nearly 30-feet wide). You can live and work here, too. Your car won’t be a burden, with 2-big garages, extra parking, and an easy exit on lightly-traveled Charlotte Street. Currently a business on the 1st floor and a residence on the 2nd floor, HP-2 zoning allows for a residence, multifamily, and commercial uses. Live upstairs and work below? Start a B&B? How will you elevate the character and quality of this location? Offered At: $619,000 Note: Please don’t bother the business tenants downstairs. Instead, contact me for your own personal showing.

Find out More

Use the contact form at bottom of the page or contact Sean Hess direct at Sean@StAugTeam.com (email) or call/text 904-386-8327.

Size, Price, and Location

This wonderful home at 7 Aviles Street in St. Augustine, Florida (32084) is listed by the property appraisers office as 2668* square feet heated-and-cooled on two stories and is offered for $619,000. The upper story is currently a residence, the lower story is currently a business. Please do not bother the downstairs business owners. If you’d like to see the home please contact Sean Hess for your personal tour.

*This number appears to be generous on the property appraisers behalf, as it appears to include the screened patio and garage areas, which are typically not calculated in heated-and-cooled square footage. Working square footage appears to be more like 930 square feet more-or-less on the lower story and 1080 square feet more-or-less on the bottom story. Buyer to verify all square footage and zoning.

Bedrooms and Baths

The upstairs residence has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. The larger bedroom (13 x 13) has an entrance on the Aviles Street terrace, the smaller bedroom (11 x 9) has a view of the Cathedral.

Front Parlor

The 18 x 12 front parlor sits just off the terrace on the Aviles side, and is the home’s truest form of blank canvas. Fresh drywall has been hung but the original wood flooring needs refinished. Will you be the one to reimagine this space?

Living Area

The 14 x 13 living room sits on the rear of the upper story with French doors leading to the covered patio facing Charlotte Street. It has a coquina fireplace: Classic St. Augustine.


The 3 x 11 kitchen is so Fifties, so quaint and so cute, and such a lovely powder blue. You read that measurement right: 3 x 11. How will you transform this space? Right next it is the “Phone Room,” a space the size of a phone booth (remember those?) created for the post-WWII owner to take phone calls. Kind of like the computer desks we see in homes today.

Patios and Terrace.

The front of the building has a covered, 3-foot-9-inch x 30 foot terrace with lovely views of all the comings and goings on Aviles Street.

The rear of the building has two patios overlooking Charlotte Street. The first is a 24 x 14 screened patio (that connects to the living area), the second a 30 x 6 open patio that sits just outside the screened patio and overlooks the courtyard.


The home’s laundry is located inside the garage on the first story.


This home has a huge double-car garage that measures 30 x 20. The private driveway / courtyard off of Charlotte Street will fit at least two additional vehicles. That’s right, parking for FOUR vehicles in the Historic District. Yes, it makes me giddy just thinking about it, too!


While this home’s floorplan may look for some unity, it has had plenty of structural work in the last decade. In 2006-2007 the second floor structural supports were replaced and modernized. Since then the roof was also replaced. In the last year the second story flooring (beneath the carpet) was replaced in the rear bedroom, and new drywall was hung in the front parlor and in the rear bedroom.

Zoning and Business

The approximately 1000+/- square foot lower story is currently the location of an Antiques firm. Serious inquiries only about the lease, terms, and any pending renewals. The space was once two separate storefronts (5 & 7 Aviles): One would need to check with the City of St. Augustine to determine if it can be split again.

Current zoning is Historic Preservation District: HP-2. This permits various uses, including:  a residence, multifamily, tourist homes and bed and breakfast inns, professional and business offices, rooming and boarding houses, banks and other financial institutions, retail sales (excluding rental of motorized vehicles) such as new, antique, souvenir, gift, craft, specialty food stores (but not a supermarket), clothing, toys and hobbies, bookstore, stationary and cards, leather goods and luggage, etc., as well as services including restaurants. Please contact City of St. Augustine zoning for the most current and up to date information, as this list may become outdated.


This home is currently zoned for Ketterlinus Elementary, Sebastian Middle School, and St. Augustine High School. Cathedral Parish (private) is within walking distance.