July 5th, 2017

by Sean Hess, Owner, Broker, Author

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Author’s Note: This is an excerpt from my upcoming book, tentatively titled “How To Buy New Construction: Building Your Dream Home from Scratch”

Signing With A Builder: Fast Choices

When you put pen to paper, expect to make some fast choices on colors and styles.

I pulled out one of the new construction contracts I did last year just to see what the buyers had to choose while sitting at their signing, here’s the list:

The lot to build on.

Floor plan and elevation (an elevation is a drawing of what the house will look like from the front; generally there are a four or five different elevations with every plan, some with brick or stone accents, hip or gable roof, and so on).

Garage orientation (most builders decide this based on what is going to be next door, but you may get to make this choice).

Accents (stone, brick, etc. … this is sometimes part of the elevation choice, sometimes not).

Appliance package (for this contract the buyers had to pick an appliance package right away).

Wiring, Outlets, and Lighting (for this contract the buyers had to decide where they wanted extra outlets or lighting, and what type of lighting, beyond what was standard with the home).

Environmental / Green (my customers had to choose the “upgraded” Green package at this point, which included a more energy efficient A/C unit and radiant barrier roofing).

Let me tell you, these can be hard choices to make after you’ve already seen eight houses that day and are starving because you haven’t had lunch! But you’ll get through it, I promise.

More excerpts coming soon…

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