February 16, 2017

by Sean Hess, Owner, Broker, Author

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Should I Just Use the Listing Agent to Show Me a Property?

Should you ask the listing agent to show you a property?

Why didn’t you call me first? I could have showed it to you! Bastard.

Alright, I’m assuming here that you don’t already have an agent. You’ve been searching online, you’re prequalified, you see a house that’s just too amazing to pass up, and so you contact the listing agent.

Sure, you can do that. But I would do some research first. When I was getting my license you couldn’t have a foreclosure or bankruptcy on your record. These days they’re just printing licenses, and I know of agents who have had recent bankruptcies, IRS liens, and multiple foreclosures who are still working. Do you want these people on board when you’re making a big financial decision like buying a home? It’s your call.

And be aware that if you do like the house, the agent function more as a mediator than a hard-boiled negotiator (which is fine, by the way) if you want to make an offer on it.

Now, if it turns out not to be the house of your dreams, and you like the agent, consider using him or her in the rest of your real estate search.

But if you have an agent already, ask your own agent to show you the property.


Your agent knows how to get YOU to closing. They have a handle on what kind of financing you have, what kind of funds you have available for down payment and closing costs, and what condition the home has to be in to qualify for the loan, among other things.

“But I can’t get in touch with my agent!” you exclaim.

First, if your agent doesn’t have a cell phone, e-mail, or return messages, then yeah, it’s probably a good time to call the listing agent.

But there’s a difference between calling your agent twice over a 48-hour period and hearing nothing, and calling your agent twice and hearing nothing in a 48-minute period. For example, I don’t answer outside calls when I’m with other customers. But I can sometimes respond to texts or emails. And if I can’t I return your call, I will do so as soon as I get free.

So are your expectations realistic? Do you personally return calls in 48 minutes or once every 48 hours?

Just keep that in mind.

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