Realtor Sean Hess of SA Realty in St. Augustine goes over pool ownership questions

St. Augustine: Buy a home with a pool, build a pool, or community pool?

July 18, 2016

by Sean Hess, Broker, Author


Buy a home with a pool, build a pool, or community pool?

This was supposed to be a serious educational video (like NOVA) with me discussing the best options for a pool (see below). Instead my kids made faces.
So … since I couldn’t concentrate either … 🙂

1) Buy a home with a pool and you get a known quantity and you can (bonus!) finance it in with the cost of the house. The downside is that when something breaks, you have to fix it, and you will always be on vacation when it breaks. You also have to spend time cleaning it or hire a pool guy year round. (More tips below video).

2) If you build a pool you can get everything you want. The downside is it’s a bit of a gamble when county permitting is involved, and you may overspend your budget. And then the pool pump will break when you are on vacation.

3) A community pool may be the best of both worlds. A pool when you want it, no worries when you don’t. And best of all you don’t have to fix it or maintain it. The downside is that your monthly association fee (or CDD) will probably be more than what you would spend on monthly pool maintenance.

4) Looking for items #1 or #3? Call me! I’ll find you that perfect pool home, or a home with a gorgeous community pool (like the one pictured above). I got this!

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