Tips for buying new construction in Saint Augustine, Florida

Three Tips for Buying New Construction in St. Augustine

May 13, 2016

by Sean Hess, Broker, Author


Here are my best tips for buying new construction right now, taken from recent experiences this spring.

Make Sure You See A Lot of Different Communities

If you’re set on buying new construction, make sure you see everything available in the area. You will discover that different builders offer the same model for less in different locations (who knew?). You’ll also discover that some builders charge for “item X” while other builders do not. You may not know what to ask about, so bring me along: I can make the process more profitable for you.

When You Sign the Contract, Do It In The Morning

Once you’ve finally decided what you want to buy and where, try to do it the next morning. I can call ahead and make sure someone’s going to be there. Why?

It’s really hard to make good decisions at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when you’re exhausted from looking at homes all day and you’re hungry for dinner.

There are a lot of decisions to make on the day of signing. The home elevation and lot are the biggest two. Depending on the builder, you may have to make a host of smaller decisions as well. Do you want ceiling fans in this room? Do you want canned lights in this room? What color do you want the trim? Would you like this room done with an extra bath for $6,000? Do you want an exterior porch? Do you want it screened?

Lots of big decisions, and lots of small decisions too (with a big impact). So you want to have a fresh mind. Bring me along and I’ll be your second set of eyes. That will be a big help too.

Be Prepared to Make Trade Offs

That $6000 screened patio? That might mean you can’t get the all-glass stand-up shower and garden tub. That $25,000 third garage? It might mean you can’t get the gourmet kitchen package. Be prepared to make trade offs. In the wonderful video above, my “buyers” have to make trade offs on lots of things. Bring me along and I can be your sounding board when you have to mull over “to have or have not.”

Bonus Tip #1: Bring Your Checkbook

You’ll need to put money down on that new house you’re buying, possibly as much as 5%.

Bonus Tip #2: Tiny Porch or Upgrade the Inside?

Tiny little porch? Or save the money and spend it on the inside of the house?

Answer: Spend it on the inside. Folks don’t use those tiny little porches, but they do have to clean the expensive furniture that sits there. Bring me along and I’ll show you what I mean.

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