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There you are. We just knew we’d find each other. You: A savvy person who’s always up for this beautiful town of St. Augustine. Us: The best loved boutique real estate firm with a passion for making it personal. We’re pros — you’ll love our experience and advice — but we don’t do stodgy. Helping you get the perfect result is our passion. So whichever of our agents you choose, we’ll find ways to make your transaction extraordinary.

  • Crafted With Love

    We strive every day to truly care and give you an unforgettable real estate experience. We might not be the biggest or most well known agency in St. Augustine, but we are the most loved by our buyers and sellers. Click here to see what our past customers said about us.

  • We Are Reliable

    We are reliable. We will make your home look beautiful on the internet, which will lead to a faster sale. A faster sale means more money in your pocket.

  • We Communicate Well

    We are organized, accessible, and we communicate well. If you send us a question via email or leave us a phone message, we will return it, and promptly.

  • We Are Accountable and Experienced

    We are accountable. Since we are Broker-owned we can solve your problem faster. We are experienced: Our Broker has 16 years real estate experience (the industry average is three years). This experience will lead to a better deal for you, more house, and more money in your pocket.

  • We Are Low Risk

    For sellers we offer a 60-to-90 day listing agreement, which means lower risk. You don’t want to wait six months to sell your home or condo, and we don’t either.

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SA Realty is located at 413 Gianna Way in St. Augustine, Florida. Our hours are 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. Please remember we typically are in the field and not in the office. Call or email our Broker, Sean Hess, at 904-386-8327 or Sean@StAugTeam.com to schedule an appointment, or any of our agents (click here for agent numbers and emails). We deliver reliability, consistency, and peace of mind because we are organized, experienced, and we communicate well. We aren’t the largest agency in St. Augustine, but it’s no wonder that we are the most loved. Click here to read reviews and testimonials from our past customers.